Layered Manufacturing and Consulting was conceived in an effort to consolidate manufacturing services into one FULL service operation. Because of our strategic relationships established over the years, we pride ourselves on having the ability to offer the very best solutions, while maintaining the small-company, value-based, attention you deserve.

Layered Manufacturing and Consulting strives to grow your business, one layer at a time, by offering solutions in the varied additive technologies and creating further awareness to the expansion of this revolutionary, ever-growing, space. Whether you are starting from an engineering project, or simply requiring parts in hand… Layered Manufacturing and Consulting is here to assist.

Shannon VanDerenOwner, Shannon Van Deren, has enjoyed a vast array of experience within the Additive arena. Shannon has worked directly with surgeons in utilizing patient-specific instrumentation for complex surgeries (guiding through scanning, virtual surgical planning, and ultimately presence within the operating room (OR) as technical support for additive guide implementation). In addition to this, she has served a variety of vertical markets by providing parts on demand (SLS, SLA, FDM, Polyjet, DMLS, CNC, Cast Urethane, and Injection Molding).

Layered Manufacturing and Consulting is a true Turn Key Solution from concept to production that will continue to implement “Cutting Edge” technologies and processes to meet your timing critical needs while reducing your manpower, costs and time to market.