Shannon VanDerenShannon is a 3D printing enthusiast since 2010, passionate about the adoption and integration of varied Additive processes within multiple vertical markets. Engaging with customers to identify potential applications for innovating, ideation, cost savings, increasing speed to market, reducing tooling and/or assembly requirements have proven to further grow the Additive outreach. Shannon’s success has largely been in building strategic partnerships and strong customer relationships within the Additive community.

Shannon began her career in Additive Manufacturing in 2010…. working in software, parts-on-demand, project management, patient-specific/operating room sales/support, and consultation. She has lead the Medical Track for the Additive Manufacturers Users Group (AMUG) since 2015, is also an appointed Industry Liaison for the AMUG group. In 2017, she was awarded the Distinguished Innovators Award (DINO) by her peers. Shannon participates in, and speaks at, varied Additive focused industry events across the country.

Medical focused specialties: Orthopaedics, computer-assisted surgical planning (CAS), patient-specific instrumentation, 3D imaging and modeling, additive manufacturing, medical device solutions for complex interventions, corporate and surgeon product training.

Vertical markets served: automotive, commercial appliance, consumer goods, firearms, medical, aerospace, architecture, agriculture.

Process capabilities includes: SLA, SLS, FDM, PBF/DMLS, MJF, DLS, Injection Molding, CNC, Cast Urethane, Die Casting, Plaster Casting.

Layered Manufacturing and Consulting (LMC) is a true Turn Key Solution from concept to production that will continue to implement “Cutting Edge” technologies and processes to meet your timing-critical needs, while reducing your manpower, costs and time to market.